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Elujuda Emulsion 120g

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Formulated with ceramide 2, which has a high moisture retention function among ceramides. It prevents moisture from evaporating from inside the hair, making even thin hair soft and supple.


The power of baobab to moisturize hair

Baobab trees store more than three times their own weight in water to survive the harsh dry season of the African savannah. The baobab extract * , which can be obtained from the leaves of the tree, contains a large amount of highly hydrophilic organic acids to retain moisture. Erujuda Emulsion contains baobab extract that penetrates into the hair and increases the moisture content of the hair.

* Hydrolyzed baobab extract (moisturizer)

CMADK * Creates a state where hair can store moisture

CMADK * , which has a high affinity with hair, penetrates into the inside of the hair and absorbs it. It leads to healthy and beautiful hair.

*Carboxymethylalanyl disulfide keratin (hair repair ingredient)


A scent inspired by the gentle gradation of the setting sun in nature.


Estimated usage: short to bob / 1 push, medium / 2 pushes, long / 3 pushes
* In addition to the above guidelines, please fine-tune the amount of hair. Less: -0.5 push, More: +0.5 push

Apply to towel-dried hair from the ends.

    Elujuda Emulsion 120g