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【Little Scientist】Galva Emulsion 150mL

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Gently repairs and leaves hair smooth and smooth.

Makes damaged and stiff hair soft and fluffy.

Even thin hair that has become hard due to pain from coloring, perms, and daily blows will be soft and elastic.

And even more, special for you.

  • Long lasting fluffy perm!
  • Make thin hair strong from the inside!
  • Makes even damaged hair shiny!

target hair

Relatively damaged hair that is dry and spreads out. Hair with chemical damage and heat damage.

Points when using

The point is that when the hair is wet, it is easier to spread and blend in with the hair than when it is dry, thanks to the moisture.
You can also use it as a role to protect your hair from heat by applying it all over your hair after taking a bath at night and drying it with a hair dryer.

Sample survey for beauticians


We received comments such as "Rich night pack", "Finishing wavy hair", "For hair damaged by ironing", "Fixed dry color", and "Easy to suggest perm style".

Characteristic component

Ceramide AP, Ceramide NP, UV cut silk capsule, horse oil


Fine citrus and soft fruity floral fragrance

How to use

After towel-drying, spread an appropriate amount between the palms of your hands, apply it to the center of the hair, and let it blend well with the entire hair. Then dry and finish.

*Galva Emulsion may cause stickiness if used too much. Adjustments are required depending on the length, thickness, amount of hair, level and extent of damage. Please try from a small amount and adjust the amount to be applied.

    【Little Scientist】Galva Emulsion 150mL