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nine design drop 80g

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With "trend design" that hairdresser suggests

While simultaneously fulfilling the "care effect" that customers want,

Pursuing "reproducible usability"

nine styling care series

Produces moderate setting power and softness

A cream-based styling agent that is particular about how easy it is to pass through your fingers.
While moisturizing the hair that is concerned about dryness, it gives the hair luster and unity, and achieves soft styling.
A feeling of use that does not make your hands sticky. It can be easily removed with shampoo.

A cream that expresses the texture of hair oil mixed with a little wax. Even with hair that tends to get tangled, you can run your fingers through it. Gives a glossy shine to the ends of hair that tend to be dry with a straight style.


A gorgeous Rose de May, a refreshing grapefruit,

It is a scent with a sense of transparency and cleanliness with the soft sweetness of musk.

<Recommended amount>
■ Medium.....1-yen coin size *Please adjust the amount according to the amount of hair and the feeling of bunch you want.

nine design drop point

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nine design drop 80g
nine design drop 80g